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How is an aura of mystery and magic created in the poem?

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How is an aura of mystery and magic created in the poem? 

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The brook enjoys a long journey. It emerges from the place which is frequently visited by water birds. From there it flows down the valley and through towns. On its way it creates a lot of noise while crossing stony paths and fields. Sometimes, the brook moves in a zig-zag manner. It’s a, source of life for the fish and flowers. The water in it is so transparent that its bottom is clearly visible. The sunbeams also seem to dance on it. When passing through thorny wilderness, it just murmurs. When the brook originates it flows rapidly but gradually it slows down. It has only one thought in its mind and that is to join the fiver which it finally meets at Philip’s farm and becomes one with the river. The description of its journey and, the places it passes by, like many a ‘fairy foreland’ give the poem its aura of mystery and magic.


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