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Write a short note on prevention of animal diseases.

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Write a short note on prevention of animal diseases.

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Prevention of animal diseases:

Animals suffer from a large number of diseases that are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens. They also suffer from various diseases due to certain nutritional deficiencies.

Example: Dermatitis is caused by viruses and infect cows, buffaloes, and fowls. It leads to irritation and eruptions of blisters on skin surface.

These diseases can be prevented by adopting the following methods:

(i) Proper cleaning and sanitation: This is the best method to decrease the growth of germs and other causal organisms that lead to various health hazards.

(ii) Spraying disinfectants regularly: After cleaning and sanitation, the farm should be sprayed with disinfectants, so as to minimise the growth of pathogens.

(iii) Vaccinating: To prevent infectious diseases, appropriate vaccination is important.

(iv) Diet: Providing appropriate diet to the animals prevents the nutritional deficiencies.

(v) Quarantining: Isolating the infected animals from other animals prevent the disease from spreading among other animals.


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