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[Solved] Explain how harmful chemicals enter our bodies.

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Explain how harmful chemicals enter our bodies.

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Pesticides are poisonous chemical substances which are sprayed over crop plants to protect them from pests (harmful small animals) and diseases. These chemical pesticides mix up with soil and water. From soil and water, these pesticides are absorbed by the growing plants alongwith water and other minerals. When herbivorous animals eat plant food, then these poisonous chemical pesticides go into their bodies through the food chain. And when the carnivore animals eat herbivores, then the pesticides get transferred to their bodies. Man being an omnivore; eat plant food as well as herbivores. So the pesticides present in plant food and herbivores also get transferred to the man’s body through food. Thus, pesticides enter the food chain at the producer level (plant level) and in the process of transfer of food through food chains these harmful chemicals get concentrated at each trophic level.


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