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Give a character-sketch of the grandmother.

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Give a character-sketch of the grandmother.

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The Grandmother was an old lady of sixty-two. She was uneducated as she had never been to school. She regretted her illiteracy when her granddaughter went to attend a wedding ceremony. At that moment, she felt helpless and dependent as she could not read ‘Karmaveera’ on her own. She didn’t know how to read. This incident brought a change in her life. She decided that she would learn to read so that she would become independent. Her will power arid firm determination helped her and she succeeded in learning to read. She believed that ‘for learning, age is never an obstacle’ and she proved it right. She was a traditional lady who believed in touching the feet of God, elders and teachers; that’s why, on Dussehra festival, she touched the feet of her granddaughter as a mark of respect towards her teacher. To sum up, she was an affectionate lady with great will-power and firm-determination.


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